Past Speakers

The Boston Speakers Series presents some of the world’s most celebrated and influential personalities of our time, a virtual Who’s Who of National and global figures - heads of state, political leaders, newsmakers, innovators and cultural icons, each sharing their unique experiences and perspectives as they challenge your mind, enlarge your world and make you laugh. These are our past speakers:


John Bolton
Walter Isaacson
Mara Liasson
Jamie Metzl
Theresa May
Bill Nye


John Kerry
Zanny Minton Beddoes
Bob Woodward
Douglas Brinkley
Peter Diamandis
Susan Rice
Jason Alexander


James Comey
Lisa Genova
Gloria Steinem
Jeb Bush
Bryan Stevenson
Jon Meacham
Ian Bremmer
Jay Leno


David Cameron
Jon Meacham
Cokie Roberts
Robin Wright
Rick Steves
Mark Kelly and
Gabby Giffords
Paul Nicklen


Justice Stephen Breyer
Ehud Barak
Rita Moreno
John Cleese
Martin Dempsey
Ted Koppel
Michele Norris, Jason Riley
and Morris Dees


Leon Panetta
Sanjay Gupta
Michio Kaku
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Diana Nyad
John Irving
Dennis Ross


Madeleine Albright
Julia Gillard
Ken Burns
Olympia Snowe
David Gergen
Ishmael Beah
Dan Rather


Bill Bryson
George Papandreou
Robert Gates
Steve Wozniak
Billy Collins
Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Doris Kearns Goodwin


President Bill Clinton
Jeannette Walls
Lisa Ling
P.W. Singer
Erskine Bowles
Vicente Fox
Nando Parrado


David McCullough
Michelle Rhee
Valerie Plame Wilson
and Joe Wilson
Michael Pollan
Azar Nafisi
Frank Abagnale
Tom Brokaw