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We appreciate your interest in the Boston Speakers Series. The 2019-2020 Season is already sold out. Please join our Early Notification List to be among the first to know when tickets for the 2020-2021 Season go on sale in March, 2020.


Kerry October 7
Beddoes October 21
Woodward November 18
Brinkley January 27
Diamandis February 24
Rice March 16
Alexander April 27


Kerry September 25
Beddoes October 23
Woodward November 20
Brinkley January 29
Diamandis February 26
Rice March 18
Alexander April 22

Subscription Pricing

Prices are for tickets to all seven lectures of the Series. It isn’t possible to purchase tickets to individual lectures.

$325 – Open Seating Subscriptions BLUE
$395 – Silver Seating Subscriptions GREEN
$475 – Gold Seating Subscriptions GOLD
$545 – Platinum Seating Subscriptions RED
Postage & Handling Fee $10 per seat

Assistive listening devices are available free of charge.
Speakers are subject to substitution or rescheduling.
All sales final. No refunds, exchanges or cancellations.

Tickets to Individual Lectures are Not for Sale and Prices are for Tickets to all 7 Lectures.

Symphony Hall
301 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

(617) 266-1200

“At first we were reluctant to purchase the entire series. However, it turned out that the speakers we were the least interested in initially were the ones we enjoyed the most. Now we understand why it is sold as a series.”

Please note that all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges. Speakers are subject to substitution or rescheduling.